Welcome to David's reconstituted home page.

I play guitar for fun, and once in a while I write and record songs.
Here's a page about some of my original music.

Would a web site be complete without some vacation pictures?  Of course not!
Here you'll find pictures of Bothwell Castle in Scotland from a vacation I took many years back.
spiral stairs

Here's a hopelessly outdated page on the Canadian band Rush, my favorite music group.
Years ago I used to keep it maintained and up to date, but I really don't have time
for that sort of thing anymore.  (Though maybe someday...)
radio telescopes (tfe tourbook)
In 1999, I wrote a Java applet that lets you play organ notes with your computer keyboard.

In November 2005, I revised the code, which hadn't been touched since 1999, to remove some
obsolete, depreciated, and deprecated parts.

Hopefully some of the changes I made will also increase the likelihood that it will work
with a modern web browser.

Click here to see the music keyboard applet

Here's how I remapped the Windows logo keys and "application" key in Windows XP to act like CTRL keys.

Contact info

Here's one of my email addresses described in a way that I hope will foil the automated spambots:
    The first part is dvguitar. Then there is the @. And finally, the domain is rushpost.com